R.James Pettit has owned and operated PJ Plumbing Inc since 1985.  James has extensive knowledge as a master plumber in Residential, commercial and Design build plumbing. Innovation, quality and customer service have always been Jame's vision during the many years he has been in business.                                      james@pjplumbing.com

Julie Pettit has been in the plumbing industry for the past 35 years. Julie oversees all commercial billing and corporate paperwork. Julie owns and runs Life Stone Counseling center on her days off from PJ.                                                     julie@pjplumbing.com

Kam Mortensen has been in the plumbing industry for the past 20 years and is a 4th generation plumber. Kam has worked as a master plumber in Repair, Residential, Commercial  and Industrial. Currently Kam works as an estimator, Project Manager and scheduler. Kam's attention to detail is what makes him great to work with.  Kam works hard to make PJ Plumbing the best they can be.                   kam@pjplumbing.com

Trevor Yeo is an expert in commercial and design building plumbing. Trevor has been in the plumbing industry for the past 57 years. There is not much that he has not done during his career. His knowledge and experience is what makes him the "go to guy" for many.                                                                                              trevor@pjplumbing.com

Brenda Edwards has been working with PJ for the past several years. Brenda serves as PJ's office administrator. Brenda oversees all payroll responsibilities  along with the A/R - A/P accounts.                                                                                    Brenda@pjplumbing.com